Oral-B Superfloss (6 Pack)
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Oral-B Superfloss (6 Pack)

Oral-B Super Floss has three unique components - a stiffened-end dental floss threader, spongy floss and regular floss, all work together for maximum benefits. Super Floss has a variety of widths and textures within each strand. Stiff sections can be fed into gaps for cleaning difficult areas or for feeding floss between teeth to remove food which has become lodged. Other sections clean wide gaps. Great for cleaning around bridges, braces and implants 50 pre-cut strands.


  • Allows you to floss under appliances

  • Cleans around appliances and between wide spaces

  • Removes plaque under the gum line

  •  Supplies you with pre-measured strands

Oral B SuperFloss is ideal for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth. Oral-B Super Floss Plain: Whether you have a special oral care routine, or have never flossed before, you'll find an Oral-B floss to suit your needs. Oral B Floss products can help you clean the areas that toothbrushes can't reach and keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Size: 50 pre-measured strands per box

This product contains 6 boxes of Oral B Superfloss.

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