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Philips HQ 6 Replacement Shaving Heads (Model HQ6/50)


The Philips HQ 6 shaver heads feature a dual blade system. The first blade lifts the hair, while the second blade cuts for a comfortable, close shave. The HQ6 ultra-thin shaving heads feature slots to shave long hairs and holes to remove the shortest stubble, giving you a smooth, close shave

Fits Philips Electric Shaver types:

HQ4401, HQ4405, HQ4407, HQ4411, HQ443, HQ4445, HQ4800, HQ4806, HQ4807, HQ4810, HQ4819, HQ482, HQ4826, HQ4830, HQ484, HQ4846, HQ485, HQ4850, HQ4856, HQ486, HQ4870, HQ4890, HQ5812, HQ6415, HQ6640, HQ6605, HQ6645, HQ6675, HQ6676, HQ6695, HQ6696, HQ6849, HQ6854, HS190, HS766, HS775, HS890, HS920, HS930, HS970, HS990, HQ6425, HQ6426, HQ6423, HQ662, HQ663, HQ664, HQ686, HQ7415, HQ7815, HQ7830, HQ7850, HQ7870, HQ7405, HQ7615, HQ7616, HQ7617, HQ7814, HQ7816, HQ7817, HQ7820, HQ7821, HQ7825, HQ7829, HQ7845, HQ7864, HQ7865, HQ7868, HQ7885


  • The ideal replacement frequency depends on your shaving frequency and the thickness of your facial hair. So replace your shaving head in time and stay on top of your game
  • Replacing your shaving head is simple and fast

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