Orthaheel Regular (Size Small)



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Orthaheel Regular (Size Small)

The Scholl Orthaheel Regular ¾ Length orthotic has been designed to help change the position and movements of the feet. This can help reduce the amount of pronation that takes place and so help reduce the stresses in the feet, legs and lower back that can lead to aches and pains.

The Scholl Orthaheel Regular ¾ Length orthotic can help with

  • Pain under the heel
  • Pain at the back of the heel
  • Knee pain
  • Positive benefits for some with lower back pain

The ¾ length insert slips into the back of the shoe and runs from the heel along under the arch of the foot, supporting this area. This ¾ length design makes it suitable for most types of shoes whether wide- or slim-fitting.

There is a left and right insert in each pack, and both should be worn even if the pain only affects one side of your body. The inserts stay in place without the need for glue so they can be moved between different pairs of shoes.

Scholl Orthaheel is a range of orthotic inserts that fit into everyday shoes. They were invented by leading podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and are the result of extensive clinical and consumer research. Their unique patented design naturally repositions the foot, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to function as they should. By re-aligning the feet, ankles and therefore correcting body posture, Scholl Orthaheel orthotics can also provide natural relief from many foot problems as well as knee pain, tired aching legs and for some, positive effects on lower back pain. Orthaheel Regular is suitable for most shoe types (including low-heeled women’s shoes). Made from high quality man-made materials. 


Helps with Heel Pain, Back of the Heel Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain


Orthaheel Regular


Scholl Orthaheel inserts simply slip inside your shoes.

Did you know that more than 70% of people have a tendancy for their foot to roll-over inside, and gradually flatten? When walking our feet can pronate (roll over) to gain ground contact. This flattens the arches in our feet, and can disrupt normal knee function and hip alignment and increase pressure on the lower back. Back pain, hip problems, sore knees and ankles - all can be caused by the way we walk; and all can be helped by wearing a Scholl Orthaheel.stance stabliser


Size Chart 

Small: suitable for UK men size 5-6.5, women size 5.5-7 (EUR 39-40) 

Medium: suitable for UK men size 7-8.5, women size 7.5-9 (EUR 41-42) 

Large: suitable for UK men size 9-10.55, women size 9.5-11 (EUR 43-45)

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