Remington SPIPL i-Light Replacement Bulb
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Remington SPIPL i-Light Replacement Bulb

(part model number SPIPL)

for Remington iLight hair removal system IPL5000 

  • Replacement bulb for Remington iLight hair removal system IPL5000

  • Bulb Life: 1,500 flashes

  • Targets larger areas than laser

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Technology -used in professional hair removal clinics

  • Multi-flash mode makes it one of the fastest IPL systems


An innovation in home hair removal, the i-LIGHT is a light-based hair removal system that

gives professional results at home, leaving you with amazingly smooth skin without having

to leave the comfort of your own home.

A look inside the i-LIGHT hand-set

The hand-set easily opens when replacing bulbs



The i-LIGHT is for you if you want:

  • Gorgeously smooth, silky skin.
  • Pain-free hair removal with no skin irritation.
  • Salon-standard hair removal that’s easy to do at home.
  • Results that are seriously long lasting.


Innovative technology without a trip to the salon

Developed with a leading dermatologist, the i-LIGHT is

fast, painless and highly effective. Using cutting-edge IPL (Inte

nse Pulsed Light) technology used in professional hair removal clinics

it safely removes hair for an ultra-silky smooth feeling

that can last for up to 12 weeks. This truly unisex system offers the confidence of long-term

hair reduction on legs, underarms, bikini lines, ches

ts, backs, shoulders and arms--and all from the comfort of your own home.

Stage one in replacing the i-LIGHT bulbStage three in replacing the i-LIGHT bulbStage two in replacing the i-LIGHT bulb

Unplug the i-LIGHT

Press to open the unit

Remove and replace bulb, replace cover

As more and more beauty treatments become available outside of the salon, the i-LIGHT is

revolutionising personal beauty and grooming. Now there’s no need for costly salon treatments

as you can become your very own beauty therapist with this sophisticated system.

What is Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and how does the i-LIGHT work?

The i-LIGHT features a hand-held device which directs an extremely short, intense pulse of

light into the skin. The light energy is absorbed by the coloured pigments (melanin) in the hair

follicle below the skin's surface. The energy temporarily stuns the follicle, disabling the growth

mechanism in the hair and suppressing hair growth for smooth and hair-free skin for up to

three months.

Replacement bulbs for consistent results

All bulbs degrade over time but the i-LIGHT maintains consistent results as the bulbs used in

the device are replaceable. The unit keeps track of the bulb's life, so there's no need for you

to log its usage, and the bulb life indicator LED will alert you that the bulb is coming to the end

of its life.

The i-LIGHT bulb lasts for 1,500 flashes--enough to treat the whole body once and almost twice

and can be easily removed and replaced with another (see diagram). This means no drop-off in

quality and also that more than one person can use the device--simply each buy a bulb

and insert it when you need to.

Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation,

they are at the very cutting-edge of technology and work with top salon professionals

from all over the world to produce electrical hair styling products that really work, care

for your hair and deliver superior results every single time. Remington’s products will

have you looking and feeling so good that you’re ready for anything--it’s that all

important last look in the mirror before you 

The Remington logo

step out into the world. Okay world, here I come.


Box Contains

  • 1 x Replacement Bulb Pack (SPIPL)


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