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Rapid Street Drugs Test Kit 




Test employees or children for recent use of the most popular street drugs. Easy to use and you get the results in minutes.

1 Test Kit


This drug test will test for the 7 most common drugs in the Ireland / UK. You get 1 Urine Test. The drug test rapidly will test for the following drugs:-


ALL OPIATES (including Heroin and Morphine)                

COCAINE (including Crack and Coke)

SPEED (including Whizz and all Amphetamines)

ALL BENZOS (including Valium and Rohypnol)

METHADONE (including Red Rock and Dolly)




Ideal for workplace or home 

  • Product comes with screening cup drug test with temp strip and 7 drug split chamber retains sample for confirmation testing if required.
  • Seven drug screens in one simple drug test ! 
  • Accurate: All elements 95-97% accurate compared with GC/MS laboratory tests.
  • Fast: Results in 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Delivery:Fast & discrete
  • Drug Testing Period: See individual drug test panels for advice

How good are these tests?


These tests are sold to the NHS, the prison service, the police, drug treatment centres and to many Companies who test their employees. Basically if you show negative for all of the drugs listed above with one of our tests then you will also show negative for any subsequent test whether it is urine, oral or blood based. 


Drug testing works for 3 major reasons:

  1. Drug testing your child will discourage them not to use drugs and so protects them from illegal dangerous drug abuse.
  2. If employers drug test their employees this will help decrease the amount of working days lost per year from drug abuse. The latest data estimates that around £800 million is lost per year because of drug abuse in the work place. - BBC 2004
  3. Drug testing in schools will have a huge benefit to both the school and the child. Currently it is estimated that 1 in 5 children will have handled drugs and by the time they are 13 most children will have tried drugs. From that figure it is then said that 1 in 3 children will become regular users. - National Union of Teachers

We sell drug-testing kits for all types of drugs and the kits are available with different testing strips for you to choose which drugs you want to be tested. All of the drug tests are simple to use and only involve taking a sample of urine. Results are accurate and rapid (in 5 minutes).

These drugs tests are accurate, fast and easy to do, they detect the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. This 5 drug cassette looks for amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, methadone and opiates in human urine.


When should I do the test?

This test can be carried out at any time.


To perform the test (full instructions come with the pack):

  1. Carefully remove the cup from the foil pouch (do not break the seal on the foil pouch until you are ready to begin the test).
  2. Use the plastic cup, obtain a urine sample from the individual who is being tested.
  3. Pull the protective cap off the bottom of the test to reveal the absorbent testing strip. Do not touch the strip and do not throw away the protective cap.
  4. Carefully dip the testing strip into the urine sample, ensuring that the urine does not come into contact with the plastic case of the test. Allow the test to absorb the urine for about 10-15 seconds. You will begin to see urine moving up the strip.
  5. After 15 seconds, remove the test from the urine and replace the protective cap.
  6. Lay the test on a clean flat surface while the test lines develop.
  7. You can read negative results as soon as they appear but positive results must be read at least 5 minutes after removing from urine. All results should be read within 10 minutes otherwise a false reading may occur.


Each drug has it's own test strip and so each strip result should be read individually.

You will see 2 letters on the drugs cassette next to the test strips, 'C' this is the Control band and 'T' this is the Test band.

A pink coloured line should appear on the strip of the control band (C), for each drug type, this confirms that each test is working properly. If no line appears in the control band the cassette hasn't worked properly and you may need to do a further test.

A second pink coloured line, no matter how faint should now appear in the test band (T), this is a negative result. If no further line appears in the test band (T) then the individual has tested positive for that drug of abuse.


The most common drugs of abuse, proper names and approximate detection times in urine after use are given in the following table:- 



Abbreviated name on test Proper name Other names Approximate detectable time it remains in the URINE after use.
AMP Amphetamines Speed, amph or whizz. 2-6 days
BAR Barbiturates Depressants, Barbs, Downers 3-8 days
BUP Buprenorphine Subutex 3-6 days
BZO Benzodiazepines Benzos, Rohypnol or roofies 2-14 days
COC Cocaine Coke, crack or charlie. 2-5 days
MDMA Methylenedioxy-
Ecstasy or E's 2-6 days
MET Methamphetamines Glass, ice or meth. 2-6 days
MOP Morphine   2-5 days
MTD Methadone Dolly, Red Rock 2-8 days
OPI Opiates Heroin, smack or gear. 2-5 days
PCP Phencyclidine Angel dust or peace pill 3 - 8 days
TCA Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 6 -10 days depending on duration of drug use.
THC Marijuana Cannabis, puff, spliff or hash. Casual use 2-14 days heavy use up to 30 days.



The amount of time drugs stay in your body depends on many factors such as, the amount of the drug taken, its strength, purity, your body weight and rate of metabolism and whether you are a casual user or a long term user.

  • Accurate results in the privacy of your own home.

  • We will package the test in discreet, unmarked packaging.

  • All tests with a 12 to 18 month expiry date.


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